"Shayne and I are the owners of a horse and cattle ranch between Libby and Kalispell. We have long hours of work, no cell service, and sometimes sketchy roads into town - and I can say that Dr. Todd's practice has been a godsend for us and our staff!

The thought process behind Dr. Todd's practice in itself is brilliant - Direct Primary Care cuts out the insurance company and puts you one on one with your doctor. Rather than going through insurance, it's like paying for a gym membership each month. So, Doc is always available for emails, phone calls, quick visits, basic fixes and easy referrals.

But the man himself is what makes the program so special. No call or email goes unanswered, and there is even excellence in the way he goes about those things. Dr. Todd takes the time to talk to specialists, research the subject matter, will give his opinion but will tell you if it is such. He gives you next steps, options, ideas and advice. He is as friendly and professional as I've ever known a doctor to be.

Dr. Todd keeps his clients up to date on the latest medical updates, advice, vaccinations, current events and applicable news.

And of course, I must give props also to Doc's wonderful assistant, Terri, who is equally responsive, attentive and warm.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind program, and one to which we will continue to refer all of our incoming staff members and local friends to sign up!"
Desiree Sides & Shayne Jackson
"Dr Bergland is unique in that he actually listens to me. When Dr. Bergland explained to me what he was going to do I immediately followed him. I no longer need to call a big clinic and book a 20 minute appointment three weeks out. He or Terri answers the call and I get an immediate response or appointment that day or the next. It is real person attention and not a slow and expensive medical business as usual. It is comforting to have a doctor who actually practices medicine, not medical business and I am happy to be his patient."
Tim Grattan, 47 year resident of Whitefish
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"As a Dementia Navigator and Patient Advocate working in the Flathead Valley, I spend a lot of time searching for good doctors for my clients. When Direct Primary Care came to the valley, I assumed this would be something that only the wealthy could afford. Once I did my homework, I found that the monthly charge was WELL WORTH the money to heighten the experience of having a doctor who is at the other end of the phone when we need him.

An in-office visit takes place mostly in the living room, on a big comfy sofa. Any caregiver / family member of a loved one living with dementia knows how important it is to keep anxiety to a minimum. Dr. Todd takes his time. I cannot emphasize this enough.

During the onslaught of Covid, one of my clients began to lose his ability to have a conversation. Dr. Todd took the time every week to call my client and discuss goals for a healthy lifestyle. It was a great way for them to get to know each other better, and for my client to know he had another good contact on the 'outside' who cared.

It is such a comfort to know that a doctor who believes in 'old school' medical attention for individuals and families is an option for my clients."
Kerry Nagel
ATTEND, LLC Whitefish, MT 612.231.5271
"Dr. Bergland has been my primary care physician for almost six years. Dr. Todd is a compassionate and knowledgeable physician. He is a straightforward communicator which allows me to make informed decisions about my personal health care. He genuinely cares for me as a person and practices with humility and integrity."
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"Dr. Bergland has been my children's doctor for about 6 years. He consistently provides us with sufficient information, allowing us informed choice of treatment while supporting our decisions. This has been critical for some of the unwavering issues my daughter has faced, which has left me feeling informed and with no regrets about past medical decisions. Dr. Bergland has a way of empowering his patients to be advocates of their own health, while being incredibly practical and understanding to your circumstances. I switched myself to his practice when Fountainhead opened, and don't regret a minute of it. Today, I am confident that if anyone is ever sick or injured, I have a competent physician a phone call away to support us through our medical needs, whatever they may be."
Makayla Grossman
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"The last Primary Care doctor that we trusted as much as Dr. Bergland was 45 years ago!!
We can highly recommend Dr. Todd Bergland, without any reservations.
We are so happy that we chose to come along on the Fountainhead Family Med adventure! It is so comforting to know that no matter the time of day or the day of the week we have a caring, knowledgeable doctor that we can call and on whom we can depend!!
After the last two years we have had, we are so glad we are part of the Fountainhead family!"
Lauren & Edd
Fountainhead Family Med Patients
"Here is the poem I wrote to describe how pleased we are to have Fountainhead Family Med in our lives:

Fountainhead Family Med
'The Fountainhead'
I read it once, and then read all the books that Ayn Rand ever wrote.
And then, when decades later I had grown so much more liberal,
I heard someone,
'Her single-minded tale of how we soar, fixed on our selves,
It only lacks reality, which changes as we age.'
And thinking back, I thought someone was right.
And now, a new and quite well-minted group
Have taken up the tale.
And they will change with age, I thought.
But maybe not
This time.
And it seems not
This time.
This time the vision works for me, and better as I age.
So maybe that someone was wrong.
Or maybe it's the world that had to change.
I do not know, and I care less.
Because it works.
Beyond all hope and without hype
This one that works for me
And better still, works for the spouse I sought for many years
And found when we have both grown better yet more needy
As we age.

We thank you, Fountainhead Family Med,
for caring so well for us."
Sherry Spence, June 2020
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"Dr. Bergland assisted me through the aftermath of a devastating and complicated personal injury. With patience, kindness, and astute medical skill, he supported me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He treated my whole person and I am the better for it."
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"I moved to Whitefish a year ago and found Fountainhead Family Med to be exactly the kind of medical care I was looking for. Dr. Bergland spent at least 30 minutes with me going over his philosophy and really listening to me on our first meeting. It's refreshing to find a doctor that is so patient focused."
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"For the past three years I've been unable to afford health insurance. I'm healthy and active so was only slightly concerned because you never know when an accident might occur. I had heard of doctors around the nation who practice medicine while not being tangled up with insurance companies. In my mind that one-on-one practice of medical care is how it should be. After reading the Daily Interlake article highlighting Fountainhead Family Med, I was excited to explore their website and signed right up. In all my years I have been blessed with no injuries. However, just four days after I became a member at Fountainhead I had my first serious ski accident. While still on Big Mountain I called Terri at Fountainhead to ask if there was a chance I could see Dr. Todd anytime soon. To my surprise, Terri told me to come right in. I wasn't even halfway down the mountain when Dr. Todd called me to discuss my injury. I was so grateful and impressed by how fast I got in and the care I received from both Dr. Todd and Terri. I appreciate the straight up diagnosis with none of the unnecessary costly tests. Definitely recommend Fountainhead Family Med."
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"It was an easy decision for us to choose Fountainhead Family Med for our family. We have been frustrated for years with our healthcare options. The options were very limited except for urgent care or ER services. We just really wanted a primary doctor that we could have access to and have a real conversation with. Medical groups and hospitals were not giving us the appropriate transparency, time and level of care we were expecting. It's been a blessing to be able to make a call, stop in or just email a question or concern and get an answer quickly and without prejudice or motives to get more patients through the door. Having the information in a relaxed atmosphere allows our family to make the best medical decisions for us. If we have questions, we get the reasoning, advice and options to make these decisions and are not immediately pressured or shuffled off to another specialist. Fountainhead Family Med is truly looking out for the best interest of the patient's rights and best interests. The freedom, access and affordability of Fountainhead's direct primary healthcare is a breath of fresh air in the Flathead Valley."
Fountainhead Family Med Patient
"Dr. Bergland has focused on finding practical answers to my medical concerns. He has been prompt and efficient in following up on issues that require consultation with a specialist. Dr. Bergland has an evident and active desire to improve our medical system, for the benefit of patients and society."
Riley McClelland
Fountainhead Family Med Patient

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